The Bliss Molecule, Anandamide (uh-nun-Daa-Muh-Duh), lives in your brain and sneaks out as ‘happiness’ or ‘contentment’ or ‘joy’. Know that day, when your body and your mind and your feelings – all sync up, and everything is …aaaah.  That’s bliss!  Eating chocolate and feeling divine? That’s bliss. 

Bliss is a gift from your body produced when you are functioning fully, in sync with yourself.

Bliss is the opposite of that all-too-familiar mental body armor we wear (while driving, handling situations, and resolving conflicts).

Bliss is a good thing. We named our company and our products to promote healthy well-being and contentment; feeling good…expressing kindness.

We got you! 

Grandmother, Nana Angie, was diagnosed with sun-down dementia at age 87. The family bonded together, gathered and determined to bring daily bliss to our beloved matriarch. We turned to CBD instead of narcotics. In unity we adopted a plant-based lifestyle to help her live as long as possible. Her response exceeded our wildest expectations. At age 87, she hired a personal trainer to keep her active. She celebrated her 93rd birthday at midnight, at Disney World, and inspired all of us to never give up hope. 

Others in the family depend on CBD to alleviate autoimmune issues like psoriasis, alopecia and vitiligo. 

We are a family of practicing neurologists and a retired neurosurgeon; a psychologist, plastic surgeon, cardiologists and dentists who lend a broad-base of institutional health knowledge that spans both medical and homeopathic philosophies. 

Our founders are licensed through the Florida Hemp Pilot program to grow our own hydroponic hemp.  The grow-site is just minutes from our first store. 

Wellness is not one-size-fits-all.

We want to walk with you on your wellness journey to find the best arrangement of remedies and products for you. 

We offer free, half-hour sessions to understand your symptoms and lifestyle, so we can make the best recommendation possible. It’s why we offer free samples every day and go the extra mile in vetting our products for the highest quality. To set up a consultation, email us at [email protected].

A Witness to Wellness

Bliss is a family owned company. Our very own family has seen the positive effects of hemp and CBD firsthand. We believe our customers’ health is too important and too unique for a one-size-fits-all approach. As hemp products become more popular, we will continue to be a leader in educating the public about the potential of natural wellness therapies.  We invite you to join our Bliss family and let’s keep in touch.

Confidence is Bliss

Our wholesaler partners don’t just gain access to premium hemp products, they get to leverage our hemp infrastructure—from our growing operations to our unparalleled expertise, hands-on customer service and retail savvy.  Interested in the Bliss Wholesale Program? Share your contact information and let’s discuss the opportunities and possibilities of collaboration.


Think you’d be a good fit?  We’d love to hear from you! 
Send us an email and tell us what we need to know about your skills.

Wholesale Sales

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Aiming to build a direct-to-retail sales team. We are looking for self-directed and motivated individuals who thrive off having open sales channels including phone sales, ground sales across multiple states, and trade shows. Sales representatives will be expected to: Acquires…
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