Muscle Rest VI


Cannabis Herbal Olive Oil Tincture. Broad Spectrum Hemp


A proprietary blend of herbs, adaptogens, and cannabis in tincture form. No THC. 30ml bottle.

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Pain Reducer, Sleep Better



How to Use

Shake well before use. Place one dropper full (ml) in mouth, in drinks, or on food and consume. For non-experienced users, wait full 2 hours before ingesting additional servings.


Balck Cohost 6mg, Chamomile 8mg, Cramp Bark 5mg, Ginger 13mg, Kava Kava 6mg, Lavender 8mg, Rosemary 13mg, St Johns Wort 10mg, Tumeric 17mg, Valerian 8mg, Broad Spectrum Hemp 10mg & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The statements made in connection with these products have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration and the product’s efficacy has not been confirmed through Food and Drug Administration approved studies. Hemp products may cause harm to the liver, especially at high doses. Hemp products may head to drowsiness and use in conjunction with alcohol or other drugs should be avoided.

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