Whether you’re gearing up for a busy day at work, an intense workout session, or simply need an extra pick-me-up, The Good Patch: B12 Awake is here, conveniently seize the day with renewed energy and focus. Boost your energy levels, sharpen your mind, and conquer your day with this carefully crafted patch.

Active Ingredients:

  • Caffeine
  • B12
  • Green Tea

Made in USA


Introducing The Good Patch: B12 Awake, your ultimate energy-boosting companion. This innovative patch is carefully formulated with a powerful blend of caffeine, B12, and green tea to revitalize your mornings and keep you going throughout the day. With its easy-to-use patch design, The Good Patch: B12 Awake delivers a steady release of energizing ingredients directly through your skin.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CAFFEINE?  Boost Your Mood, Decrease Likelihood Of Depression, and Stimulate Brain Function.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF B12?  Supports Energy Metabolism and Promotes Mental Clarity.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GREEN TEA?  Promote Weight Loss, Improved Blood Sugar Regulation, Disease Prevention, and Exercise Recovery.


Additional information


4 Patches

How to use

Peel And Place One Patch On Inside Of Wrist, Or Any Venous Area That Is Clean And Dry. Patch May Be Worn Up To 12 Hours. When Finished Simply Peel The Patch Off And Discard.


15mg of Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B12, Adhesive


Topical Use Only. Do Not Use On Damaged, Broken Or Irritated Skin. Consult Your Healthcare Provider Before Using If You Have An Existing Medical Condition, Or Are Pregnant Or Nursing. Wash Hands After Use. Stop Use Immediately If You Experience Side Effects Such As Skin Irritation.