4/20 Wonder Land Cuban Club Ybor City Tampa

The Story of 420 In Wonder Land

420 Wonder Land – Tampa’s Largest Annual 420 Gathering!

April 20th, 2023 | 4pm-11pm
Cuban Club, Ybor – 1320 East 9th Avenue, Tampa, FL, 33605

Journey down the rabbit hole for good times with Bliss Wellness MarEvery April 20th Bliss Wellness Market summons the Queen of Hearts and her court of mystics, merchants, and Mary Jane supporters.  It’s no secret that everyone in the Tampa Town wants to hear something more about the tale.ket at Tampa Bay’s most magical 420 Mad Hatter-themed gathering! 

Bliss gathers their maestros, DJs Casper, Blenda, and Badda Skat, whose melodies play while we smoke a blunt rolled fat.

With their shimmering sculpted bongs and pipes, and swirls of smoke and paint, the Queen’s court swoops and sways as they puff, paint, and putt the night away. 

The Queen of Hearts, Aqauriius, MC’s these magical hours, games are played, dank treats picked, as we smoke some flower.

Wonder Land has prepared gifts and prizes galore – and for those best dressed, you can win so much more!

When the clock strikes 4:20, the real fun begins, they’ll pop open the bubbly and toast with a Cheshire-like grin. 

Curiouser and curiouser, what’s that we hear?  Ah, the music is starting, so don’t you fear.

Shining ever so bright in the garden of green, Ichroniq and their melodies make the Wonder Land gleam.

The “riddims” will swing, and the bass will thump. 

Ah, the night is young, roll your blunt up real plump!

When you arrive at the courtyard, give your ticket to the guard – look down the rabbit hole, the fall isn’t too far.

Here the crowd is transformed with tiny morsels galore, but what’s that you say?  Why yes, there is more!

Take a few steps forward, there’s more treats to be found– you can grab what you need at the Cannabliss Lounge.

Wait, don’t leave yet! 

There are games to be played. Put your best foot forward in Flamingo Croquet.

The Queens quite a match–so don’t get caught in a bind. You’ve toked a fresh batch, see what treasures you’ll find!

Before the night is cashed, and the green takes you under– do you dare wander into the Land of Wonder?

Don’t be late for this very important 420 date! Doors open at 4 pm | $15 per ticket | Must be 21+ to play

Click Here to Buy Tickets on BlissWonderLand.com

For questions and additional info, contact 813-435-3991 or email [email protected]


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