BLISS: Cannabliss Arctic Blue Sport Drink


Introducing Bliss: Cannabliss Artic Blue Sport Drink, the ultimate sports drink infused with 100mg of Delta 8 THC. Designed to elevate your athletic performance and give you a refreshing high after an intense workout. Our Arctic Blue flavor delivers an ultimate High-Dration, high strength, and fast acting to ensure your thirst is quenched while also packing an enjoyable amount of THC.

Active Ingredients:

  • THC

Made in USA


Bliss: Cannabliss Sport Arctic Blue is our very own bottled sports drink that delivers a great high. We have carefully crafted this sports drink to provide a refreshing and invigorating experience for active individuals seeking a natural way to unwind and recharge. Each bottle contains 100mg of carefully derived hemp THC known to calm and uplift your mood. This refreshing flavor excited your senses while also complementing your healthy and active lifestyle to provide a great balance between relaxation and activity. So enjoy this hydrating, high strength, and fast acting sports drink if your looking for a good high after a great workout.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THC?   Relaxation, Improved Sensory Perception, Feelings Of Happiness or Exhilaration.

Suggested Use

Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening. Drink one serving as needed.


Purified Water, Sugar, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Salt, Sodium Citrate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Calcium Silicate, Gum Arabic, Modified Food Starch, Natural Flavor, Hemp Derived Delta 8, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Blue 1.

Supplemental Facts

Serving Size: 12 fl oz (355 mL)

Calories: 84

Total Sugars: 22g

Protein: 0g

Potassium: 52mg

Sodium: 157mg

Delta 8 THC: 100mg

Lab Results

Lab Results

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