BLISS Cookie Butter Snickerdoodle


Experience the best of both worlds with Cookie Butter Snickerdoodle. Savor the delightful flavors while benefiting from the protein-packed goodness and the euphoric effects of Delta 8 THC. Treat yourself to a delicious and uplifting experience with Cookie Butter Snickerdoodle, and embrace the blissful combination of taste and cannabis-infused magic.

Made in USA

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Introducing Cookie Butter Snickerdoodle, the perfect fusion of indulgence and nourishment. This delectable baked good not only satisfies your taste buds but also provides a wholesome dose of protein. Each cookie is packed with 20g of protein and infused with 1000mg of Delta 8 THC, offering a delightful treat with a touch of cannabis magic. Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of Cookie Butter Snickerdoodle. The warm, cinnamon-infused cookie combined with the irresistible taste of cookie butter creates a heavenly experience for your senses. With 20g of protein per cookie, it’s a guilt-free way to enjoy a delicious snack while providing nourishment for your body. Please note that Cookie Butter Snickerdoodle contains a significant amount of Delta 8 THC and is intended for experienced cannabis users. Start with a small portion and allow ample time for the effects to unfold before considering additional servings. Consume responsibly and in a safe environment.


How to use

Eat one serving as needed.


Cookie: 100% Whole Wheat Flour, Coconut Oil, 100% Pure Cane Sugar, Protein Blend, Eggs, Honey, Leavening, Salt, Vanilla Extract, Ground Cinnamon, Hemp Derived THC Distillate

Filling: Biscoff Cookies, Soy Flour, Brown Sugar Syrup, Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt, Cinnamon, Canola Oil, Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Citric Acid

Toppings: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oils, Brown Sugar Syrup, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soy Flour, Salt, Cinnamon


Please do not use CBD/THC products if you are pregnant or nursing without consulting with your physician. Consult with your physician prior to using CBD/THC products if you have any serious medical conditions or if you currently take prescription medications. The FDA has not evaluated these products. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please call Bliss Wellness Market at 813-435-3991 if you have questions regarding our products or CBD in general.

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