Introducing MoonJuice: SuperHair, the vegan adaptogenic powder that unlocks the secret to luscious, vibrant hair. This transformative blend is meticulously crafted to nourish your hair from the inside out and become healthier, thicker, and stronger. SuperHair harnesses the power of adaptogens and targeted botanicals to address the underlying factors that contribute to hair health

Active Ingredients

  • Ashwagandha
  • Pumpkin Seed Powder
  • Kelp Powder

Made in USA


This unique blend of plant-based ingredients works synergistically to provide your hair with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. By fortifying your body with vital minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, SuperHair supports hair growth, enhances hair strength, and improves overall hair quality. Not only does SuperHair deliver remarkable results, but it also does so with a conscious approach. This vegan adaptogenic powder is crafted with ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients, ensuring that it aligns with your values and respects the environment. Unleash the full potential of your hair with MoonJuice: SuperHair. Experience the transformative power of this vegan adaptogenic powder and embrace a hair care routine that goes beyond external treatments.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF ASHWAGANDHA?  Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety, Can Lower Blood Pressure, Can Reduce Swelling.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PUMPKIN SEED POWDER? Can Promote Healthy Hair Growth, Sleep-Aiding Iron, Antioxidants.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF KELP POWDER?  Can Improve Sensory Receptors, Can Promote Healthy Hair Growth, Can Reduce Hair Loss.


How to use

Take 4 capsules, adjust dose as needed.

Proprietary Blend

Ashwagandha Root Extract, Pumpkin Seed Powder, Kelp Powder, Red Radix Root Powder, Horsetail Grass Extract, Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract, Vitamin K2, Rice Concentrate, Vegetable Capsule

Supplemental Facts

Serving Size: 4 Vegetable Capsules

Servings per container: 30

Vitamin A: 900mcg RAE

Vitamin C: 100mg

Vitamin D3: 16mcg

Vitamin E: 18.7mg

Vitamin B1: 10mg

Vitamin B2: 10mg

Vitamin B3: 5mg

Vitamin B6: 1mg


Vitamin B12: 10mcg

Biotin: 500mcg

Vitamin B5: 4mg

Iron: 10mg

Iodine Powder: 75mcg

Zinc: 10mg


Please consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication, or if you have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children. Produced in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

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