PLANT ALCHEMY: Love Stoned Tincture


Experience the love-infused magic of Love Stoned Tincture and unlock the potential of CBD in your self-care routine. Embrace the calm, find your balance, and nourish your body and mind with this remarkable elixir. Elevate your wellness journey and let Love Stoned Tincture guide you to a state of serenity and love.

Made in USA


Introducing Love Stoned Tincture, a powerful elixir infused with 300mg of CBD per bottle. Designed to enhance your well-being and promote a state of relaxation and harmony, this CBD tincture is here to ignite your love for self-care. Love Stoned Tincture is crafted with precision and care, utilizing premium quality CBD derived from hemp. Each dropperful of this enchanting elixir contains a potent dose of CBD, known for its potential to support overall wellness and encourage a calm and balanced state of mind. Embrace the soothing effects of Love Stoned Tincture as it gently washes over your senses. Whether you’re seeking to unwind after a long day or simply looking to add a touch of tranquility to your routine, this tincture is your ideal companion. With 300mg of CBD per bottle, Love Stoned Tincture offers a generous supply of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid to support your well-being. As you incorporate it into your daily routine, you’ll discover the potential benefits of CBD, including a sense of relaxation, reduced stress, and a restored sense of inner balance.


Additional information


1 bottle / 10mL


Love & Intimacy

How to use

Use 1/2 – 1 dropperfuls at least 10 minutes before intimacy.


Damiana Leaves, Cacao Nibs, Rose Petals, Mucuna Pruriens, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Brandy, Organic Glycerin, Hint of Vanilla, Grape Alcohol

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1/2 dropperful

Servings Per Container: 20


These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.


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