CALM Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Extract


An Amanita Muscaria mushroom tincture that may reduce stress, may ease muscular tension, and can promote restorative sleep.

Lab Tested

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Gluten Free


Product size: Net Contents 1 fl oz (30ml)

Calm is an Amanita Muscaria extract using Psyched Wellness’s proprietary extract, AME-1. AME-1 is a natural extract developed inhouse at Psyched Wellness by leading scientists and wellness professionals. AME-1 is the active compound in Calm. This carefully extracted product harnesses Amanita Muscaria’s restorative powers to soothe the body, tackle physical distress, and sleeplessness. Calm can provide whole-body stress support, leaving the body and mind at ease.

More specifically, Calm supports the body’s own defenses by relaxing the muscles and blocking nerve signals to provide whole body stress support, promoting balance and calm. It increases levels of GABA and serotonin which can restore your mind to a state of calm. And can support improved sleep, can reduces sleep onset latency, and can provide a feeling of restoration in the morning.


Calm uses lab-tested Amanita Muscaria mushrooms which have been detoxified and are safe for consumption. The proprietary Amanita Muscaria extract, AME-1, has undergone toxicological testing and is consistently found to be safe for human consumption as a dietary supplement. It has also received the GRAS certification, this means that a panel of external scientific experts have confirmed that it is safe for adult consumption as a supplement. Additionally, this means that it has been approved and is legal for sale in the USA.

When taking the recommended serving size, Calm will not produce any psychedelic effects. Calm is made from the Amanita Muscaria mushroom which does not contain any psilocybin. The extract is primarily composed of muscimol and can promote feelings of relaxation and calmness, but does not make you high.

Amanita Muscaria:

Amanita Muscaria mushroom, is a fungi that is widely used to facilitate restful sleep and recovery, and also has both anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties.

The most famous and easily recognizable mushroom in the world. Widely popularized by Lewis Carrol’s The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, this mushroom has been used in traditional healing practices for centuries.

Amanita Muscaria has a long history of use in traditional cultures for its medicinal and psychoactive effects. It is considered a medicinal mushroom used for thousands of years for medicinal and spiritual purposes by indigenous people in Russia, Europe, and Asia. Shamanic tribes across Central and South America have turned to Amanita Muscaria to repair the mind, body, and spirit for over 5,000 years. In Northern Europe, Siberian tribes used it in winter solstice ceremonies for its restorative properties. In Vedic Aryan traditions, it was known as “Soma,” meaning “The Divine Mushroom of Immortality,” and was known for its relaxing effects.

Suggested Use

Take two droppers (1ml each) 30 minutes before periods of rest. Drop the liquid under your tongue for approximately 30 seconds and swallow.
Shake before use. 


Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Extract, Natural Flavors, Purified Water.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Droppers (2ml)
Servings per Bottle: 15
Amount per Serving:
Amanita Muscaria Extract (Caps)  54mg
Daily Value not established

Nutritional Label

Serving Size: 2 droppers (2mL)
Servings Per Bottle: 15
Amanita Muscaria Extract (Caps): 54mg


If you have a medical condition or take any medication, please consult with your healthcare provider before use. This product is not to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Keep out of reach of children. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Do not drive or operate machinery after ingesting Amanita Muscaria has psychoactive effects. This product can cause drowsiness and impair your ability to make quick decisions. Do not use with alcohol or other sedatives.

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