THE GOOD PATCH Nite Owl For Kids


Say goodbye to bedtime battles and hello to restful nights with The Good Patch: Nite Owl For Kids. Rest easy knowing that you’re providing your children with a safe and gentle solution to promote healthy sleep patterns. Give them the gift of a peaceful sleep, allowing them to wake up refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day.

Active Ingredients:

  • Tart Cherry
  • Chamomile
  • Skullcap

Made in USA


Introducing The Good Patch: Nite Owl For Kids, the ultimate bedtime companion for your little ones. Children fall asleep faster and enjoy longer, more restful nights. This patch is the perfect solution for parents seeking a natural and effective way to support their children’s sleep routine. Crafted with care and backed by science, each Nite Owl patch contains a gentle blend of tart cherry, chamomile, and skullcap, carefully calibrated to promote relaxation and encourage a sense of calm before bedtime. The Good Patch: Nite Owl For Kids offers an easy and convenient way to incorporate natural sleep support into your child’s bedtime routine.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF TART CHERRY? Can Improve Sleep, Can Improve Endurance, Can Decrease Muscle Soreness, Can Reduce Inflammation.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CHAMOMILE? Can Act As A Digestive Aid, Can be a Sleep Aid, And An Anti-Inflammatory.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SKULLCAP? Can be a Mild Relaxant, Can Reduce Anxiety, Nervous Tensions, And Convulsions.


Additional information


6 Patches


Sleep Better, Stress & Calming



How to use

Peel and place one patch on inside of wrist, or any venous area that is clean and dry. Patch may be worn up to 12 hours. Once done, simply peel the patch off.


4mg Tart Cherry, 3.75mg Chamomile, 3.75mg Skullcap, Adhesive


Topical Use Only. Do Not Use On Damaged, Broken Or Irritated Skin. Consult Your Healthcare Provider Before Using If You Have An Existing Medical Condition, Or Are Pregnant Or Nursing. Wash Hands After Use. Stop Use Immediately If You Experience Side Effects Such As Skin Irritation.

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