colorful hemp drinks

Summer Bliss: Cannabis Infused Drinks for the Poolside

colorful hemp drinks

Summer is hot, and so are Bliss’s products! We have a plethora of exciting cannabis infused drinks to elevate your poolside experience.

So whip up your favorite mocktail, find a sweet spot to relax, and take your pool days to new heights this summer.  

Bliss Nectar is a fan favorite. This infused hemp drink boasts 400mg of THC per 12-ounce bottle. Because it is water-soluble, it takes effect fast. It is delicious to drink alone; divide it into shots to share with friends, or top off your frozen drink/smoothie for an extra kick! Each ounce delivers 33 mg of Delta 8. 

Bliss Nectar comes in 4 flavors: Tropical, Mango, Watermelon, and Black Cherry.     

Enjoy’s Syrups are easy to toss in your bag and take anywhere! Infused with premium live rosin and 420 mg THC per bottle, these three syrups are another fast-acting option to add to your favorite drink. Each 1/2 teaspoon delivers 10 mg of Delta 9 (each teaspoon delivers 20mg of Delta 9 THC).

Enjoy’s Euphoria Syrup is your go-to if you are looking for a high-potency Sativa. This Blue Raspberry Syrup will give you the energy to swim & play your day away. 

If you are looking for a high-potency Indica, Enjoy’s Chill Syrup in the Pineapple flavor is it. Lay back and watch the clouds roll by as you melt into a peaceful state of mind. 

Not sure if you need Indica or Sativa? Check out Enjoy’s Zen Syrup, a hybrid blend. This strawberry-flavored syrup is the perfect combination for a balance of mind and body.

And last but not least… Bliss’s Water Soluble Full Spectrum CBD in either 600 mg, 1000 mg, or 2500 mg or Bliss’s Delta 8 THC & CBD Blend

These both rank high on our must-have list because of their versatility. Flavorless, fast acting, and dissolvable in hot or cold liquid, you can’t go wrong. You can even customize your needs with its easy-to-use dropper and compact bottle to take on the go.

Make sure to stay hydrated this summer! At Bliss, we care about your overall wellness. So, in addition to your fave mocktail, we encourage you to drink lots of water! A general suggestion is roughly half an ounce to one ounce for each pound that you weigh. 

Don’t forget! Your skin needs love too! Always bring SPF and a hat for prolonged sun exposure. We have a CBD-infused SPF for your skincare needs and a number of other skincare must-haves! Check out our Beach Bag Essentials blog for a list of things to keep with you on a sunny day by the water.

We hope you’ll always be prepared for a happy hour, at any hour, with Bliss! 

Mention this blog for 10% of your summer Bliss must haves! 

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