don't worry beach happy beach bag essentials

Bliss Beach Bag Essentials To Keep You High and Glowy

don't worry beach happy beach bag essentials

Summer is here, and things are heating up! The days are longer, meaning more sunshine, beach, and pool days for everyone. When things heat up, Bliss is here to help pack your beach bag with items to help you stay cool, calm, and collected.

Let’s start with the basics: 

• Waterproof Sunscreen
• SPF Lip Balm
• Beach Towels
• Beach Blanket
• Hat
• Water Bottle
• Polarized Sunglasses
• Cover Up
• eReader or Book
• Headphones / Earbuds
• Bluetooth Speaker
• Portable Charger
• Waterproof Phone Case
• Water Shoes
• Snacks
• Cooler
• First Aid Kit
• Wipes
• Moisturizer
• Brush

Bliss Picks For Beach Bag Essentials

We asked our staff to pick their favorite beach bag essentials and share them. Here are their “must haves” to get your glow on, protect your skin, and help you shift into that much-needed staycation or vacation vibe!

Solar Eclipse Zinc Sun Shield + CBD will protect your skin and keep you looking beautiful. This 20% zinc oxide is flesh-colored, so you don’t end up looking like a ghost when you apply. In addition to protecting against harmful UV rays, it is infused with CBD reducing inflammation and redness, promoting healthy skin cell growth. Packed full of antioxidants, Solar Eclipse also assists in fighting free radicals.

Blisshroomz Magic Mushroom gummies will help you transition from the hectic chatter in your head into a calm state so that you have space to enjoy the day. Are you ready to experience life in HD (high definition)?! The water caps will glimmer like gold coins off the intense blue of the sky, and those mangroves will be beautiful shades of green. Not much is needed – we suggest you just take one gummy, capsule, or chocolate as a microdose to get those groovy beach vibes going.

CBD + THC Caramel Popcorn is always a popular hit at parties and with crowds of people. A couple of pieces are perfect for sharing with friends who are new to using cannabis. The whole bag is 100mg of THC + 100mg of CBD. 5 pieces is the perfect starter amount to get the party started.

Vertly Soothing Face Mist has a combination of full-spectrum CBD + Active Botanical Extracts. This aloe vera mist is perfect for the whole family after a long beach day as it hydrates, soothes, and calms the skin. It has the ultimate flower power that will leave your face refreshed, nourished, and happy. It’s a great addition to your end-of-day routine or for leaving the beach and heading out for the night.

And last but not least. We know you try your hardest to apply that sunscreen and protect your skin…but that summer sun can get intense, and sunburns happen. 

Lock in moisture and reduce inflammation with a powerful Mantra Mask: CBD Collagen Face Mask. This 30mg CBD mask is good for all skin types, restoring the skin for a radiant and youthful glow, plus it reduces inflammation, redness, and irritation by resetting tired skin. Packed with 22 amino peptides, including non-animal sourced collagen glycoproteins, chia seed, and beet sugar, watch as your skin bounces back to life.

You’ll be glowing in no time!

Purchase any item from our Beach Bag Essential list, and mention this blog for a FREE Bliss Beach Canvas Tote!

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