Using CBD For Pet Anxiety: Calm Your Furry Friend

The summer months bring lots of sunshine, vacations, and celebrations to us humans. Unfortunately, they also bring thunderstorms, vacation separation, booming fireworks, and anxiety to pets. 

Did you know anxiety is one of the most common conditions in dogs and cats? It can wreak havoc on your pet and cause real psychological and physical issues, as it affects various chemicals in their brain. 

Several things can cause your furry friend stress, and these can be displayed in a number of ways. Some common symptoms are: 

• Destructive behavior
• Aggression & biting
• Panting and drooling
• Having accidents inside
• Low mood/depression
• Excessive barking
• Growling
• Restlessness/ Pacing
• Compulsive behaviors
• Unsettled stomach

Luckily, with the right CBD relief supplement, your beloved pet can see huge signs of improvement within minutes! CBD can calm the sympathetic nervous system, also known as fight or flight, by bringing the body into homeostasis. The proper suggested dosing for your pet is 2mg of tincture per 10 pounds or 4 mg of edible per 10 pounds.

When looking for a good CBD for your pet, look for whole-plant hemp extract, which contains many more beneficial compounds than just CBD alone. 

Austin & Kat is an amazing brand with CBD in its products and additional detectable cannabinoids, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and antioxidants – all of which support long-term health. It typically takes 30 to 45 minutes to take effect in your pet’s system and will last about 4 hours. If you give them a dose and have waited 45 minutes and they still display symptoms of anxiousness, give them another 1/2 a dose.

If you are concerned your pet will get high, there is no need to worry. CBD does not cause your pet to get high. It simply relaxes in stressful situations. CBD is non-addicting and eliminated through urine. There is no way to overdose your pet with CBD; it will simply make them sleepy. You can give your pets CBD 3 to 4 times a day and time the dosage with the incoming storm or fireworks accordingly.

If you have a pet that is a picky eater or does not want to let you add drops under their tongue, rubbing CBD oil on the gums is another excellent option. With this method, mucous membranes absorb the CBD, bypassing the digestive system, and the CBD goes straight to the bloodstream.

If your dog resists oral administration, another option is to rub the oil directly onto the underside of his ear flap. This method is known as transdermal administration, it is less effective than oral administration, but it has the same benefit of bypassing the digestive system for absorption directly into the bloodstream. (Avoid this method if your dog has a ruptured eardrum.)

So next time the mailman, a storm, or a firework stirs up chaos in your home, reach for that CBD and help your best friend out. 

At Bliss Wellness Market, we aren’t just committed to improving your quality of life – we are committed to improving your entire family’s quality of life – pets included! 

CBD for pets comes in many forms, food, treats, and tincture. 

Overwhelmed? Bliss has you covered! Stop by our store to pick up a sample PET BOX to see what works best for your pet. 

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